Sunday, August 28, 2016


By Laura Yeager

My friend, Elaine, introduces me like this:  “This is Laurie.  She had cancer.  But she got over it.”

I have to say this is a little annoying.  To be identified as my illness.

On the other hand, there is a status that comes with surviving cancer.

People tell me “You’re a fighter” and “You’re tough.”

These things really aren’t true.  I’m simply someone who went along with the program and did what my doctors told me to do. Maybe I’m someone who got lucky.  Someone whose time hasn’t come yet.  Who knows?

On the other hand, I had whole churches praying for me.  Prayer factored into my survival.  All those heartfelt wishes, that good energy, that power directed to the deity can do wonders.

In any case, I’m here, walking the earth.  Dealing with problems.  Our new puppy has ringworm.  My child can't seem to work well with his aids at school.

On August 23, my husband and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary.  I’m so happy I lived to see it.

I’ve had cancer twice.

My friend, Sarah, from kindergarten has had cancer three times.

We’ve both survived our maladies.

I love Sarah.  She knows what cancer is all about.  Unlike Elaine.  Elaine is simply standing on the outside looking in.

We do the best we can.

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